On a whim, I bought Microsoft’s Kinectimals iPad app the other day.  I’m pretty much a “if it ain’t free in the iTunes store, I’m not gonna look twice” person but something made me shell out the $2.99 for this app.  I’ve been jonesing for an Xbox and knew Kinectimals was one of the popular Kinect Xbox games.  ($34 on Amazon, btw.)

We’ve only had the app a few days but now every person in my family (hubby included) has a cub to play with on this game.  It’s a simulation type game – you have a pet cub and you take care of him – from cleaning him to feeding him to playing ball.  It’s mindless but it’s really cute and my boys love it.  If you’re looking for a cute app for the family, check out Kinectimals, $2.99 on iTunes (good on the iPad, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch)

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