Its my latest love. No joking. I am loving my new Fleurville Beach Bag. Of course, living about 100 miles from the beach, this bag has been enjoying a lazy summer at our pool this year. And its been perfect.
First, and you may recall this from my diaper bag reviews, I’m a sucker for a caribeener clip. Why? Because I can’t stand holding on to my kids, bags, toys, drinks, and the like, AND searching for my keys. When there isn’t a clip, I’m the mom in the parking lot squating down behind her car, with her kids jumping and yelling and bags all over the place, searching. So the key clip is, well, key.
While Fleurville is known for their diaper bags, they’re branching out, some. They haven’t forgotten the importance of organization, and this bag is equipped with 2 mesh pockets. At first, I wished for more. But as a pool bag, its perfect. In one pocket I stash my phone, mini-wallet and my son’s ear-plugs wallet. In the other are sunblocks. And for a pool bag, I realized, I don’t need more pockets. Even if my kids were still in diapers I’d be tossing in my diaper and wipes holder, so for the purpose of a pool day, I’m set with 2 pockets.
Of course, with a pool or beach bag, what’s really important is fitting it all in. See the tulip shape? How it opens wide on top? That’s a wonderful aspect of a pool bag. For the longest time I used a rectangular tote. And I had to stuff everything in. Now, I can roll up 4 towels and vertically line them up, with the tops not hanging off the sides like they’re stuffed in, but naturally hanging out. Almost like a flower arrangement. And inside, below and around the towels, I’m able to put a change of clothes for the kids. Voila! I’m off to the pool.
And since environmentalism is WAY cool, I can’t forget to mention that Fleurville’s Beach Bag’s fabric is treated with their Green-LAM process to produce a bag that is durable but not tough on the environment. The material wipes clean and is flexible, inside and out (which is fab for both the beach and the pool). AND its a light-weight bag. A big surprise compared to other Fleurville bags. Its also water and UV resistant, so it’ll still be a vibrant bag next year. Which is good. Because this is a limited time bag, and I’m liking it so much I’ll want to use it again in summer ’09.
Generation Orange has the Fleurville Beach Bag available in 2 fresh fabrics: White Pink Ogo and Geo Black and White (shown here, and at my pool). And, sometime this month, Generation Orange is teaming up with us to offer a Fleurville Beach Bag as one of our hot MWS summer giveaways!


  1. amy stroh says

    I can’t go to the beach without sunscreen and then extra sunscreen – plus a good hat. I need that great bag to put it all in!

  2. Kristin McMahon says

    I agree about the clip for keys…I’m always searching for car keys! What a great feature! My must is a nail clipper…odd I know. Let me explain. I have a two year old who is still a bit shy of the water and so he grabs onto me in the water so tight with his fingers…which is when I notice (as they are digging into my back) that his nails are too long! Ouch! No worries, I grab the nail clipper and we are back to enjoying our swim…or should I say my swim and him suctioned onto me. Ha!

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