lullabds Having a baby and kids means a lot of scheduling and record keeping. Losing sight of those schedules can be cause for a rausous of a child, and, often, a stressed and frustrated spouse. Over a baby’s uncalmable screams, there’s nothing more frustraing than screaming “when was she last fed?” and receive the response: “I don’t know… maybe about an hour ago? or three?”

So its really helpful to find a recording system that will work for you, your spouse and your babysitter. One system that’s working well is Lullaboards, a dry erase board that can be posted on your refrigerator. It offers space for tracking feedings, diapers, naps and milestones. We’ve found that listing these accomplishments each day, and keeping it on the refrigerator in the same spot all the time, helps to keep everyone sane, and in the know at the loudest and most stressful times. Its also been so helpful to have when calling the pediatrician with questions and preparing for a babysitter.

Lullaboards are available for tracking newborns, babies, pumping and toddlers withcolorful border options. (I’d love to see a “sickie” Lullaboard for tracking fevers and medications in the future.) They can be personalized, which I imagine is perfect for daycares and twins.

Edited to add:  Julie received a sample of Lullaboards to assist in this review.


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