blanki.jpgThink back to your childhood when your security comfort was your blanket and how you wanted to take it just about everywhere with you. However, because of its size, your Mom asked you to leave it at home – at least that’s what she told you! You got upset and your Mom got frustrated. That was way back then!
Well, now your child doesn’t have to suffer like you once did! The Gigi Blanki is a soft and beautiful custom-made 14″ by 16″ blanket that will soon become your child’s favorite item to snuggle up with! Thanks to its small size, it’s perfect for little hands. The blankis are just the right size for easy travel, in and out of diaper bags and purses, yet large enough to calm your upset child. Your child can also easily carry it without tripping over excess fabric. With the large variety of colors that the Gigi Blanki can be made in (you pick out 2 colors – one for the soft nubby side and one for the silky satin side), you can accessorize with any outfit! The blankis can also be made to match your child’s bedding, so when you travel, your kids can take a piece of their home bedding with them! (What a fantastic idea!) Your child will adore the soothing colors and textures that make up the line and every stylish mom will appreciate the unique designer look of each blanki.
Before adding items to your cart, enter the code “mommieswithstyle05” in the coupon code box located on the left hand side of the page, to save 10% off of your order.

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