paige_side_large.jpg I like products that are practical and add utility. But when a practical utiliarian item gets itself all dressed up as a fashion accessory, I am in love!
Living in sunny, breezy Southern California, my children get a lot of sunshine. Too much sometimes. Few strollers shades offer complete coverage and so we have always done the blankie drape. But along comes that refreshing coastal breeze and those blankies go flying. Usually into the face of my cranky child who I have finally rocked and strolled to sleep. It’s enough to make me stay at home. The stroller shades and clip on umbrellas we have tried in the past have always been unwieldy and unnattractive.
And then Bellah May came along. It was love at first sight when I saw their stroller shades. Oh the fabrics! And the clever design!
This generously sized sunshade for little ones fits over both single and double strollers. It attaches with two elastic and velcro straps, in under a minute. The shade has a flexible tubing built in that keeps it erect and up off of your kids. Even on a breezy day. It comes neatly packed up in it’s own attached storage case which conveniently functions as a stroller bag – perfect to stash your keys and sunglasses – while the shade is in use. When you are done it quickly folds right back up into the case.
So your stuff is stashed and your kids are protected. But whats more, you look marvellous! Here’s where the fashion kicks in and all the other moms start chasing you down the block to find out where you got that cool sunshade. No matter what color, style, brand of stroller you have, there’s a Bellah May out there to pimp your ride. And because the shades are reversible, you get two completely unique looks for the price of one. It’s enough to rejuvenate and make you fall in love with that hand-me-down old stroller all over again.
Choose from a rich variety of stripes, toiles, novelty prints and solids.
We tested a traffic stopping shade with a red/pony combo that worked on all three of our strollers, including a double, an umbrella and a full size stroller.
Mommies with Style save 10% off your shade when you use code BELLAHMAY.

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