mairzey.jpgSearching for a boutique baby blanket packed with charm and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s lips? Something truly favorite-woobie worthy?
Then you must not miss the gorgeous collection of vintage blankets from MWS member owned Mairzey Dotes.
The blankets are simple in construction, but brilliant in their design/color combinations. They are a generous 39×25 rectangle (more portable 15×20 inch versions are also available) of smooth cotton print, backed with soft fuzzy cotton chenille. These blankets are warm and cozy, washable, and tactile.
What really makes the collection noteworthy are the well curated choices of prints and their combos. From gorgeously swirly pink paisley to hip dots and a retro moon print, the designs are all tasteful and well matched to the cozy chenille on the back.
Need a gift in a pinch? Mairzey Dotes offers gift sets complete with a travel blankie and two burp cloths Mommies with Style type “MWS” in the comments section at check free shipping (via a refund) on your purchase.

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