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We had many speakers on Day 2 of the Disney Social Media Moms conference but the one who stuck with me the most wasVivienne Harr, the 11-year-old founder of Make a Stand.

Here’s some backstory from her website: When Vivienne Harr was eight years old, she saw a photo of two boys, her age, from Nepal living in modern-day slavery.

She said: Compassion is not compassion without action.

Vivienne decided to make a stand. Literally. She set up her lemonade stand every day rain or shine, to end child slavery. On day #52,The New York Times broke her story and a moment became a movement.

Her story went worldwide via dozens of media channels and she reached her goal of $100k in Times Square on day #173. She told people to “pay what’s in your heart.”

Today at age 11, she’s still going with her Make A Stand company – bottled lemonade; purchases go towards ending child slavery around the world.

She was charming and so well-spoken for being only 11 years old. I was blown away that she was standing in front of hundreds of social media Moms and talking. I tweeted this out from her presentation and it got more retweets than anything I tweeted all weekend:

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They have a new app coming which isn’t live yet but I will be sharing details once it is because I think we all need to do a little less selfie and a little more giving back to the world these days and I thank Vivienne for the reminder!

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