charmnecklace.JPGLuxe Design’s “Make it Your Own” line of jewelry lets you create your own personalized, meaningful jewelry by adding words, names or personal sayings to their unique selection of Customizable Charms.
Luxe has a line of sterling silver circles, hearts, stars, rectangles, ovals and other shapes of charms that can be customized with any words or numbers and can be made into necklaces or bracelets. You select your own ideal length and style of chain and then choose from a wide variety of finished charms to add to your personalized piece such as Birthstone, Initial, Zodiac, Word, Proverb and some other Charm Designs. If you want to include some color there are beautiful Gemstone Beads that you can add as well.
Luxebracelet.bmpThey have some really unique commonly themed charms with words like, “Strength”, “Heal”, “Fight”, “Protect from Harm” and “Courage”, but you can personalize with anything you would like. They have a whole list of suggestions! This line of jewelry makes great gifts for Big Sisters, Little Sisters, New Mommies, Bridesmaids, Grandparents, those going through a difficult time in their life, Adoptions, Graduations – the possibilities are endless!
I simply adore my new necklace (and so have my friends) that has my children’s names hand-stamped on a circle with some beautiful charms on it. It is unique and special and was created just for me. I just love wearing it close to my heart.
Pieces from the Luxe line were given out in the MTV Movie Award gift bags as well as rock stars Mariah Carey, John Legend and Kanye West all own a Luxe piece.
Wear a piece of Luxe around your neck or wrist by e-mailing your order to: and mention code 915MWS to save 15% off of your purchase until September 15th, 2008.

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