marshmallowpeace I’m a peacenik kind of parent, which is why we have not really had guns in our house.

I made a minor exception recently when I agreed (read BEGGED) to review the marshmallow shooter. In homage to my peacefullness I requested a peace sign emblazoned shooter from Marshmallowville. I hoped that the peace signs would reassure my victims that when I said “eat it”, I really meant, eat it, and not that I wished them to die.

Of course I first heard about these fun toys from my college age nephews. Leave it to them to recommend this sort of thing to my sons. They pronounced Marshmallow Shooters as  “cool” and since I am the cool aunt, it was my duty to investigate. Plus they are not really guns. They are shooters.

Really, what is there not to like about a toy that shoots sweet puffy ammo? Except perhaps the fact that we nearly came to blows deciding whose turn it was to use the shooter next. Why can’t those kids get it through their heads that mommy doesn’t have to share and mommy always goes first? Honestly, it’s like someone told them this toy was for them. Silly daddy. I had to work fast. Before the rebels ate up all my ammunition.

Marshmallows may be the perfect ammo because they are cheap, biodegradable and unlikely to injure anyone. The multi shooting action is somehow satisfying. The marshmallow shooter could not be easier to load and fire. I would however recommend supervision while your younger kids play with it to prevent overconsumption of marshmallows and to be sure that noone shoots marshmallows directly into someone else’s mouth. The product directions caution against this as it might be a choking hazard.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Marshmallow Shooters are excellent for marital therapy as well. Just repeat the following before opening fire “I love you honey, but I am afraid I must shoot you with this marshmallow gun. Keep your mouth shut, tell me I look great in these jeans,  and nobody gets hurt.” Chocolate sauce optional.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars of expensive therapy  (for you and your kids) by buying a pair of Marshmallow Shooters.  Just don’t call it a gun. It’s a shooter. A happy marshmallow shooter.  Now all we need is a graham cracker launcher and chocolate bar missile and we’ll have the perfect recipe for S’more peace…. Bah dum bump!


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