When it comes to stockings, the kids are easy.  There are plenty of small toys and candy that fit right into a child’s stocking. But what about Mom and Dad?

I have a great suggestion for Moms:  Tide to Go Pens.  I feel like this is something beyond the usual scope for a stocking.  But really it shouldn’t be, especially for a Mom.

Here’s why this is awesome in her stocking:  it’s useful, it’s compact (enough to not only fit in the stocking but to fit in the smallest of handbags) and it’s great on-the-go!  This little stain fighter helps eliminate the toughest of stains when you’re out and about – coffee, chocolate, juice, you name it.

Any Mom knows that there are about a million different ways spills can happy with kids and truly this is the kind of thing any Mom would appreciate having amidst her daily chaos.

Disclaimer:  Tide to Go is a sponsor of the Gift Guide Girls, a website I am a partner in.


  1. Let every child and hubby read this!!! Tide to go mini ROCKS! Great post!

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