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Friends, when was the last time you made some time for yourself? You’re laughing, right? At the suggestion? I know. I struggle often to find any time for myself with work, family live and general craziness. But you can do it! Early last year, I brought you a review of my blogger friend Jessica’s book, The Fringe Hours.

Her book helps you find and take more time for YOU in small pockets of time throughout the day she calls the Fringe Hours.

This is such a good New Years Resolution book. In fact, I was just telling my husband yesterday that one of my resolutions is to be better organized with my time. I find I have little pockets too – my kids get on the bus at 7:45. I usually leave for the gym around 8:15. What do I do during that half hour? I putz around. Maybe clean up the dishes from breakfast if I haven’t done so already. Whittle away time on Facebook.

Since the New Year, I’ve been having myself ready for the gym by 7:45 so in the end, I’m gaining an additional half hour.

As women and Moms, we spend so much of our time doing for others that we often forget ourselves. This book helps give you tips on ways to get a little bit back for YOU: ultimately making you a better person for your kids and family because you’re happier.

I’m bringing this up again because today, The Fringe HoursKindle versionis on sale on Amazon! The Kindle version of the book is $1.99 today – check it out and reclaim some me time.

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