MWS_reviewim_1.jpgI’m always amazed when people whip out gorgeous portraits of their children. Its a rare day when I get a picture that involves a. a clean face, b. brushed hair, and c. clothing without chocolate on it someplace. And thats just me! Ba dum pum. But seriously, I feel just awful as the years tick by. Because no matter how cute I find that overexposed picture of my toddler on the see saw in the back yard, the fact that you can see a full diaper and some dog poo in the background, kind of ruins it for the posterity files. Or does it?
MWS_reviewim_2.jpgI was a little suspicious when I first spoke with Enhance-Me owner Vicky X I’d seen some of her work on her site and it all looked spectacular. But it was hard to believe that she could work that kind of magic with my photos and my little urchins. I scoured through the photos, trying to find just one, without a pile of dirty laundry or damning pile of clutter (ie dog poo) in the background. Maybe something on a wide open white beach, that would work! I sent off some shots of my kids grimacing stoicly into the sun on a windy and overly bright beach day.
Vicky, all patience, laughed at me. She told me to stop trying to find the perfect shot for her sake. Just send some snaps of my kids. And so I chose the ones that were quintessentially them, and tried to ignore the things that made me embaressed about my amatuerish attempts at photography.
MWS_reviewim_3.jpg I should have relaxed. Because Vicky made all the bad things go away, and my kids characters shine. Somehow, she chose just the right images to bring out each one of the kids. It was like she knew them. Fox on a fox, Ani my little fairy at one with nature, and Marly my little sunshine girl in a field of sunflowers. Even the kids had a hard time believing the before and after transformation on the pics we sent. I am sharing them here for you all to see.
I’m so glad to have found Vicky and Enhance-Me. And I cannot help but ponder, if she can turn my daughter into a fairy, and my son into a Foxback rider, can she get rid of my spare tire and crows feet? Because I have some snapshots of me that could use a little of her magic. So before I head to the shredder, I am going to drop her a quick line!
Mommies with Style, send your photos to Enhance-Me for an amazing digital makeover – you won’t be disappointed! Prices start at only $24.99 and include color, b&w and sepia toned versions of your photo, in any theme you prefer.And here’s some extra magic – save 10% when you quote the code M-W-S 10% discount at time of order.

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