Not sure what to get your hubby, wife, parents or in-laws this holiday season?   Because I have the perfect generic, yet totally awesome gift that anyone would love to receive this holiday:  Flip’s latest video camcorder, the Flip Mino in HD.

I really thought I didn’t care about HD.  When my husband upgraded our cable to include HD, I thought, big whoop.  But slowly I’ve come to see the error of my ways and it’s never been more apparent than in this tiny video camera.  The HD picture you take on this itty bitty camera is crystal clear and beautiful.  We’re talking gorgeous quality that anyone would love.

Not to mention the other awesome fact that the Flip actually got smaller with this latest release.  I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but the latest Flip is not much longer than a carton of cigarettes and it’s about half the width.  I carry it with me always now – it tucks away in a little cloth bag and barely takes up space in my purse.  Which makes it appealing to Moms with limited real estate in the purse, am I right? 

The quality makes it appealing to Dads, and the ease and simplicity of the device should make it appealing to grandparents.  Definitely an everyone present.  Get it on Amazon for $159.99 (retail $199.99).

Flip’s PR firm provided a sample of this product for testing.


  1. It’s on my Christmas list!

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