Lavender_over.jpg Is the kids bedtime in your home as hectic as it is in ours? Sounds like you could use a little “Glow Time”. Glow Time is the brainchild of Sharon Tirabasso, president of Lotion Glo candles. It’s a really ingenious product, that does two things at once. And we all know how I love that “but wait there’s more!” moment. So without further ado, Lotion Glo Candles are a Soy Based candle, made with organic ingredients. But they are also…Lotion. Here’s how it works: You light the candle and let it burn for a short while. When you have a puddle of “wax” going, you blow out the candle, use the handy little scooper to scoop a little clump of the warm soy and then massage right into your skin. It’s warm enough to be liquid, but not hot enough to burn.
Sharon recommended that we try out “Glow Time” in our house with the lavender & vanilla scented candle. It’s a calming scent. A little before bedtime, we light the candle (set in a safe place) and set a timer. While the countdown is going on, teeth are brushed and pajamas are donned. When the timer dings, one of the kids (they take turns) gets to blow out the candle. And they each get a little warm lavender/vanilla soy foot rub before hitting the hay. It’s amazing how the prospect of blowing out a candle and getting a foot rub makes bedtime more appealing! Click here to buy Lotion Glo candles online.

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