As a parent, it’s your job to make your baby’s world a safe place to learn and grow. Baby-proofing helps protect your child from dangerous areas in your home–and helps protect your belongings from damage. There are many products marketed to parents to baby-proof their homes, but as with most parenting issues, sometimes the most basic solutions often rely on common sense. But along with common sense it never hurts to have a brand that you can trust, and when it comes to safety items, KidCo is that brand.

A major question moms may ask themselves is how do I know what is dangerous? In order to get a clear view on what your baby might find the most interesting.  You will be amazed at what catches your attention at your baby level. Keep a list of dangerous areas, and then search for items that could remedy that danger, or at least make it a little safer. Here are a few to start with.

Electrical Sockets:  Cover them all with KidCo Outlet Caps, or better yet, replace them with the Universal Outlet Cover.Its spring loaded cover automatically covers outlet and prevents injury from inserting objects into the outlet. Best yet, you only need one cover no matter what style outlet you have because it works on both Standard and Decora style outlets.

Fireplace: HearthGate will help protect your baby from not only the hard hearth surface, but also from the dangerous flames when a fire is burning and the fireplace materials that could pose a chocking hazard. If you don’t want a gate to entirely surround your fireplace, keep your baby safe from falls onto the hard hearth surface with KidCo Hearth Guard. Unlike other hearth guards on the market the KidCo Hearth Guard doesn’t require the use of adhesive and therefore can be removed when not needed, with no messy adhesive residue left behind.

Cupboards/Drawers: Secure cabinet doors and drawers with childproof locks. KidCo has a number of different styles of these locks, one will surely fit your needs:  Swivel Cabinet/Drawer Lock, Sliding Cabinet Lock, Adhesive Mount Cabinet/Drawer Lock, Adjustable Locking Strap (great for Lazy Susans where little fingers can get pinched merely by pushing on the door), Spring Action Lock and the Magnet Lock-the only magnet lock on the market that installs without drilling!

Stairs: More than half of all nonfatal injuries to children are from falls, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Many of these falls involve unprotected stairways. To avoid stairway falls, install safety gates at the top and bottom of open stairways and be sure to keep them fastened at all times when baby is around.  Remember that only wall or hardware mounted gates should be used at the top of stairs. KidCoSafewayline is perfect for top of stair applications and the pressure mount Gateway line is great at the bottom of the stairs and as room dividers. For KidCo complete line of safety gates visit

Furniture: When babies use furniture to pull themselves up, they can pull things over. Remove wobbly tables that could tip over and fasten bookcases to the wall. Use KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps to secure furniture to a wall. The Anti-Tip TV Straps are specifically used to anchor flat screen televisions to the wall or furniture. Take the sharp edges off your furniture by covering them. KidCo Soft Corner Protectors are adhesive mount and come in both clear and white, or try KidCo Foam Corner and Edge Protectors. These large, neutral colored adhesive mount cushions will do the trick in helping to soften hard sharp edges.

Doors: Doors pose several hazards. Doors can lead to areas of the home (or outdoors) that aren’t safe for your child. They can also pose a finger-pinch hazard. Additionally, an often overlooked problem exists in the doorstop. If you have the metal coil doorstop, the end cap can pose a choking hazard. You might be tempted to just remove the cap, but the metal coil can be sharp. Instead, remove the entire unit and replace it with a one piece Soft Jamb Door Stop from KidCo. Its slips right into the previously drilled hole.

KidCo offers safety items for every room of your home. The list here is not complete, so if you don’t see something you need here be sure to check out their website.

Now for some good news! KidCo is going to be giving a Mommies With Style reader a gift pack of baby proofing items! Not just one, not just two, but almost ALL of the items listed in this post will be included!

Here’s how to enter:

Go to the KidCo website and tell us which baby proofing item you need the most!

The giveaway will run until Monday September 5th, so be sure to enter!

I was provided with the KidCo products mentioned here for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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