toezies.jpg Here’s a product that made me grin from ear to ear. Toe-less socks. It may sound silly but they are just brilliant. And you need them. You really do. And now you can get them – from Toezies.
Why do you need Toeless socks?
First of all, there is the sweaty foot issue. I am a big fan of physical humor. But when it involves me doing something rather spastic in the middle of my warrior pose, well then, I’ll pass. If you are the type that wears flip flops in the shower and wishes you were not so bare-footed and foot fungus exposed at the gym, then you will appreciate the absorbancy and breathability of these socks. And if you don’t like landing on your bum, you will appreciate their superior “stick” factor. It is like being barefoot, only better.
Outside of the gym these socks are fun to wear when you get a pedicure – just pop them on before your toenails get painted. Or wear them when you want a little warmth with your flip flops or sandals. Sandals with socks, you ask? The horror! But these are not regular socks. They are Toezies. And you’re cool. Really you are. Get ready to be imitated!
Toezies fit up to a women’s size 11 and retail for $12. Email your order to and use the subject line “momstyle” and you can get a second pair of Toesies for half price!


  1. Do you know if the discount is still active?

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