Many thanks to Sarah [contempotot] for introducing this great website. The Things I Want provides a limitless, internet registry. Sign on, quickly download the program, and you’ll soon be shopping all over the ‘net, creating a gift registries.
Its really simple. Find something you want, click the link button on your menu bar for “The Things I Want” and add the item to the list. Items selected can be from ANYWHERE on the web–with no cost to you! Then, share the link to your page with your friends and family by e-mail or link to it on your blog or webpage. Your list can be public or private; it can be updated at anytime.
Perfect for the holidays, birthdays, anniversary, anything–its simple to create multiple registries, and make changes. And just as simple to check to see what has been purchased, just like we did with our wedding and baby registries. So this holiday season, you can have a list for your son, a list for your daughter, and don’t forget the list for you!

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