So I recently received a tee from Lucky Lou that reads, “Does this baby make me look fat?” and I just love it! I wore it to a kids birthday party last weekend and received numerous amused comments about it.
Not to mention that it’s a great size tee as “one size fits all.” (My latest grievance is aimed at these high-end maternity shirts that are no way long enough for a person in their third trimester – NOT the case with the Lucky Lou tee which covered my belly just nicely, even at this point.)
Check their tees out on They have several amusing maternity tee choices, as well as non-maternity tees, gifts and items for baby.
Use coupon code “Lucky me” for 10% off.


  1. I have been looking for cheeky t-shirts that will fit me in my second trimester. Most places expect you to fit into a standard t-shirt (just order larger sizes). But I just recently discovered, they carry a couple dozen designs in Maternity T-Shirts (brand is "Haute Mamma"). For $20 its a steal compared to the $34 I was finding elsewhere.

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