There are so many firsts when you have a new baby. Rolling over, sleeping through the night, eating cereal – these are all firsts my baby daughter has had in the past six months. Unfortunately, not much of it has yet been documented. In my busy day, it seems I hardly have to time to think about writing it all down. But hopefully that’s all about to change. I recently got a Tessera Memory Book. It is such a gorgeous baby book. It is covered in pink silk with a beautiful ribbon and the inside pages are just as beautiful. This elegantly designed book asks all the right questions with places for just about anything I would want to document, even pictures, even locks of hair. Tessera’s memory books are completely customizable too with screw posts to remove and add pages. And they have inserts for mostly everything. I can not say enough about how much I love this memory book. It is just what I needed to inspire me to sit down often and document, document, document. It really is a keepsake that we will treasure.
Tessera memory books don’t stop with baby either. I also have a book in which my older son will be able to document his vacations. Their books also help you chronicle anniversaries, weddings, and school days.
Tessera’s Silk covered Baby Memory Books retail for$68.

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