emily_big.jpgYou have to hand it to someone who can take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. Take for example invites and birth announcements. Everyone sends them. It’s like one of those common human experiences Oprah’s always going on about (like wearing too tight pantyhose or having a strapless bra slip down).
But taking something two-dimensional (like a standard invite) and transforming it into a three dimensional keepsake is nothing short of, well, genius. That’s how I feel about the makers of Keepsake Concepts, Couture Keepsakes. When I received a miniature white and gingham dress complete with tiny rose and ribbon embellishments perfectly hung from a mini wooden hanger, I couldn’t believe how perfectly adorable it was. There was even a personalized message from the sender clipped to the dress by a tiny clothespin.
Perfect for birthday parties, special invitations, or thank you gifts, these stylish keepsakes make a big statement. Check them out for yourself and I think you’ll share my appreciation for the next big thing in celebrating special occasions!

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