519MOum4kuL._SL1001_ Last week, I got to the gym for one of my regular Step classes and noticed we had a new teacher.  Our usual instructor was on vacation and the sub explained she would be doing a mix of things.  I’ve been going to this particular class for over six years and it pretty much has the same routine each week.

In fact, I have “favorite” classes that I’ve been doing for years and while I’ll occasionally deviate from my usual schedule, I mostly select the same kinds of classes.

The sub’s class kicked my butt.  I was sore for days in all the spots you want to be sore and I swear my arm muscles look more defined this week thanks to that class.

It got me thinking about my gym routine and things I can do to improve my experiences.

You’ve gotta shake things up occasionally.  What happened with me last week is a great example!  I’m so used to the normal routine that what was once hard is no longer hard.  I need to try some new things that will be hard – if it’s easy and it’s the gym, then it’s probably not doing much for you!

And there’s also the fact that you never know if you will love something or not unless you try it.

So important: Make sure your form is correct.  In recent years, I’ve spent more time focusing on getting the form and movements right than looking good or just doing a routine half-assed just to get through it.  It makes SUCH a difference when you lift a weight correctly or squat the way you should – not only is it the difference in getting good results but it can be the difference between getting hurt and not getting hurt.

Make it count.  It’s such the thing that every instructor shouts out in every gym class… make this time count!  Or, you came for a reason, push yourself!  Whatever it is, it was only in my 30s that this message really sunk in.  If you’ve motivated yourself enough to get your clothes on, to get there, go for it!

Have fun.  I’ve said this before but it’s really so huge.  Enjoy yourself.  Laugh.  If it’s not fun, you’re going to hate it and eventually quit.  Find what works, have fun and be proud that you are doing something good for you and for your health.

How do you make the most of your gym routine?





  1. Gym routine. For me,no. There is a however. Your philosophy is a terrific one and can apply to just about any endeavor . All positive ideas: the ‘try new things’, the ‘shake up the routine on occasion’, and especially the ‘laugh and enjoy’. For sure, all good stuff.

  2. Jen DeYoung says

    So true, mixing things up makes such a big difference. I was taking Turbo Fire classes in my local gym and then I do spinning as well, I’ve noticed my body doesn’t plateau which is great!

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