When I first heard of Mally Bibs, I hesitated. Are they serious? A leather bib? Look, I’m all for posh, but a leather bib just sounds a bit extreme. I mean, besides a cloth diaper, a bib might be one of the grossest cloth materials a baby messes. And, while I do only want baby to be dressed in the best, I barely trust myself to wear my leather jackets on a regular basis, let alone a child.
But, well, unbelieveable makes me curious, so I decided to take a closer look. And looking closely, these bibs look even better in person than they do in the fab shots on their website. They’re modern, they make bibs fashionable. Lilke I said, I’m all for posh. But let’s discuss durability. Actually, there’s nothing to discuss. Mally Bibs are incredibly well made. And they wipe clean so easily that wearing a Mally Bib is actually cleaner than a cloth one. While machine washing is not recommended (and, therefore, I didn’t even try it) you can use a damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe clean when necessary.
I’m also impressed with the magnetic closure. Its strong enough to stay on, but when its time to come off, there’s no fumbling with a knot. And there’s no chance of yucky foods getting stuck in the loop closure (ie Velcro), which is really nice since you aren’t tossing the bib into the laundry. The magnets are firmly sewn between the two layers of leather… seemingly safe, and not going anywhere.
However Mally Bibs will be going practically everywhere with my baby.
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  1. I have one of these bibs. It was on clearance at Target and since my baby has a small neck, I was intrigued by the adjustable magnets. This is a wonderful bibs. Wipes clean in seconds and actually fits around my baby’s neck. We stick it on the fridge for storage. My husband thinks this was one of the better baby purchases I have made!

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