bootcampfortummi I’ve been raving about Mama Mio for a while, and its time, once again, to share some of it with you. So I have to tell you about their newest Bootcamp: Bootcamp for Tummies.

Bootcamp for Tummies is a great system and can be used pregnant or not, but the results won’t be visible if you are pregnant. So, while I’ve been trying out the system, I can’t yet attest to the results. However, I can vouch for it all the same. The recommended exercises are very similar to Pilates breathing and I was completely hooked on Pilates until I wasn’t allowed to participate. (oh… baby… can’t wait until you’re 6 weeks old and I can get back in there and practice Pilates.)

These exercises do make a difference in your belly. They work the inner stomach muscle (aka your transverse muscle) that is so very difficult to reach, no matter how much of a gym-enthusiast you may be, unless you know how to breathe right. Bootcamp for Tummies teaches you how to breathe correctly to help to get your tummy in shape. Included in the kit are Tummy Toner (which I reviewed in the past) and Mama Mio’s new Get Waisted, which is designed to” eliminate puffiness, tighten your tum, discourage fat deposits and – most importantly – maximize lipolysis. Lipolysis is the way your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells; giving you slim fat cells and a slimmer silhouette.”

I’m so looking forward to, postnatally, completing a Bootcamp for Tummies (in fact, I plan to do all 3 Bootcamps next fall.) And, because I’ve already tried out Get Waisted and Tummy Toner, I know how simple it will be to add a month of a 4-minutes-a -day series to my morning routine. I’m sure you want to join me.

To help Mommies with Style celebrate our relaunch and to celebrate and introduce our readers to Bootcamp for Tummies, we’re running a giveaway this week.

Here’s how to win your kit of Bootcamp for Tummies (a $135 retail value), its as simple as the bootcamp! Make a comment to this review and tell us two things: 1. which MWS style are you? and 2. pledge to do one month of Bootcamp for Tummies, should you win.

Make sure to include your e-mail address on the comment form (otherwise we can’t contact you to let you know you won). A winner will be selected at random next week and she’ll have 24 hours to reply to our e-mail before an alternate is selected.


  1. Oh, how much I need this! I most certainly pledge to do this bootcamp for a month – and I’m eager to see the results! I’m a classic mom.

  2. This sounds AWESOME!!! I am a former bikini and figure competitor and, although I LOVE my pregnant belly, cannot wait to get my figure back!! I am so pledging to commit to a month (and more) of bootcamp. Can’t wait to see how it whips me back into shape! And I’ll be happy to take before and after shots to prove it’s effectiveness.

  3. I’m totally a classic mom…although on some days I’m also boderline a retro mom. I would pledge to do at LEAST one month, if not more – my extra flabby stomach could use a bootcamp =)

  4. I’m a retro mom! I absolutely need a bootcamp for my tummy! I pledge to do at least one month, if I should win.

  5. totally a classic mom and pledge to try the bootcamp for at least a month- my belly is where I need the most help!

  6. This is just what I need to kick start my exercise routine!I would definitely pledge to do at LEAST one month, that’s if I win:)Oh, and I’m the trendy mom.

  7. I’m loving the trendy mom, though in truth I’m more a classic mom. And after 4 kiddos, um, yeah, I could (and would) use a month of bootcamp for tummies.

  8. Jill Wainger says

    I am a classic mom of 3 with a classic post-baby belly. My twins did a number on my abs, but I’m sure it’s nothing a little boot camp can’t un-do! I hereby pledge …

  9. Classic mom here. Definitely need some help with the post-3 baby tummy so I would definitely pledge a month of boot camp.

  10. I’m going to be a classic mom….I think 🙂 And will certainly commit to boot camp post pregnancy so I can get back in shape.

  11. I am a classic mom all the way! I NEED this bootcamp! My younger brother is getting married in the fall and I am the matron of honor. The rest of the bridesmaids are about ten years younger than me…I need to look good!!! 🙂

  12. I’m a princess mom – love the pink! After 3 kids, I really need this bootcamp – for at least a month.

  13. Classic/Trendy Mom since I look fairly young still. I definitely commit to one month if i win. I need to lose the cupcake top 🙂

  14. I am a classic/trendy mom is in her 30’s, who wishes to loose her cottage cheese post belly tummy. I will absolutely commit to doing the bootcamp for a month.

  15. I am a classic mom and would definitely do the bootcamp for a month – or more!

  16. I am a classic mom and i would absolutely pledge to do at least a month of the Bootcamp for Tummies. I have lost 60 pounds in the last year and still have a tummy courtesy of my Csection and would love to try this out!

  17. Michelle says

    I am trendy mom – and I NEED the bootcamp for tummies to wear the trendy clothes! LOL! I will definitely pledge to do this for AT LEAST a month. I swear on my muffin top!

  18. Ooooh… I would love to do this! I need to get back into an exercise routine. Twins are 8mos old, which means I might be able to take them in the jogging stroller at faster than a walking pace. But, they did a number on my tummy, so I would love to get something like this!

    And I like the trendy mom color scheme the best, but can see myself changing it up from time to time!

  19. I’m a classic mom with a c-section belly. Pilates for my belly is exercise of choice. I’d love this challenge.

  20. I’m a trendy mom, love bright colors. Luckily, empire waist tops are in right now but what do I do when the trends change? After 2 little ones, I need help! I would definitely commit to do this for a month.

  21. I would say i am a trendy/classic mom. I would LOVE to do the bootcamp for 12 months! My youngest children are 4 and 1 – my oldest is 24 years old and getting married next June. I would LOVE to be thinner and in better shape for the wedding.

  22. I’m a Classic Mom (just because I like the color 🙂 ) I would definitely do this! I need to work on those muscles and think it would help my lower back pain so I can carry my LO more often!!

  23. I’m a classic mom of 3 girls, including a set of twins. I definitely pledge to do this for a month! (More!)

  24. I’m a VERY classic Mama! Since my son was born two years ago, I am struggling with belly fat – I keep telling myself “BUT, I just had a baby”… guess I won’t be able to use that excuse forever!!! I pledge to do at the very least one month, if I should win.

  25. Nancy Nasby says

    I am a trendy mom of 2. I so need this bootcamp after 2 c-sections! I pledge to do it for one month (and hopefully longer)!

  26. I’m sure I’m “classic” and my tummy needs AT LEAST a month of bootcamp…

  27. hi! i’m definitely a classic mom, with occasional trendyness. btw, i love what you’ve done with the website. it looks great! i would definitely pledge to do at least a month of this!

  28. I’m another classic mom, and I have the classic mama tummy pooch! I’d love to do a month+ of bootcamp to work on this problem area.

  29. I’m a classic mom too and I have a tummy that I can’t get rid of after having my 3 kids – I commit to more then a month, I’m desperate to finally get this weight off that I carry all in my tummy.

  30. I’m a classic mom, and pledge to complete the boot camp! I really need this, not only to help in the tummy area, to get me in the groove to get rid of some weight. Often I just need a jump start, and this could be it!

  31. This is just what I’ve been looking for!! I work out my tummy all the time, but can seem to get rid of the baby fat around my tummy!! I am A trendy mom. I would love to try this product out!!

  32. Michelle says

    I’m a classic mom with a need to reduce my belly! My baby will be 4 in July and although I have been working out, my baby belly still isn’t showing the after effects! I would love to try this out!!

  33. I am classic mom and I would like my classic tummy back (or close to it). I would LOVE to try this out and pledge to do it for at least a month and hopefully longer!

  34. Oh my how I need this! I know that my pledge would be for MORE than a month – because after two babies, it is just what I am looking for! I think that I encompass almost all the MWS styles, but right now I am rocking the Princess style! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  35. charmain says

    Can you say princess?! I love that it’s an option!

    I hereby pledge to do a month of Bootcamp for Tummies. I am so in need of this, nobody told me that 13 months later it’d (the tummy) still be here…sigh.

  36. I am definitely a classic mom & I pledge to do a month of Bootcamp for Tummies if I win. I will even share before & after photos with you — that is how dedicated I would be!

  37. I am a classic mom, but with a trendy twist! I’ve had my flubby tummy for almost 12 years! and don’t want to look like my mom (sorry mom). I would pledge to do THREE months of Bootcamp for Tummies as I have the WORST tummy ever and I have severe back issues because of my weak muscles 🙁 Please help me look great for my 30th birthday coming up!!

  38. I am a classic mom. I would definitely pledge at least a month of Bootcamp for my tummy! I have a 4 month old and I’m ready to have a flat stomach again! I would be happy to share my results!

  39. Christina says

    I too am a classic mom. And bring on the bootcamp! It’s needed here.

  40. I am a classic mom who after having 3 babies in 2 years (a son and twin daughters) is in need of help for my belly! I am excited to try this out and pledge to do this bootcamp for at least a month.

  41. I’m a classic mom, and I would definitely commit to getting my abs back in shape (my baby’s now 4-months old, and I’m ready to say goodbye to my muffin top).

  42. Hmmm, I’m definitely on the classic and trendier side. After my c-section 3 yrs ago, I’m still struggling with losing some more inches. Please, oh please help me get rid of my little cupcake top. Bootcamp here I come! 🙂

  43. I am the trendy mom and yes I pledge to do this for a month!

  44. I am a classic mom – I pledge to do a month of bootcamp!!

  45. I am a classic mom–I definitely pledge to a month of this bootcamp!!! I have done their other bootcamps and really love them!!!

  46. Jennifer says

    I am a trendy mom—-i just can’t help myself! 🙂 I pledge to do a month of bootcamp for my abs! Bring on swimsuit season!!!!!

  47. I think I am a classic mom with a twist of trendy. 🙂 Kind of like the little bit of lime in your club soda, only not as tart — maybe that’s a bad comparison, but I’m only on about 5 hours of sleep and I have my hands full with a baby on the verge of walking.

    I would LOVE the opportunity to try Bootcamp for Tummies and pledge to do it for a month (or more!!) because that is my target area. Hopefully after getting this video, it will no longer be!!

  48. This classic mom has quite the belly. I am 115 pounds lighter now than when I gave birth to my 1st child by c-section (and still 40 pounds away from a healthy weight). I gained and lost at 50 pounds with the next 2, also c-sections. So, I have a really hard time losing weight in the tummy area. Also, I accepted a bet (who can’t use a little extra money these days) to wear an old fashioned belly showing halter top this summer! Should I win, I pledge to commit to the program for the whole summer at the very least.

  49. MariClaire says

    I’m a classic working mom. 2 kids in 3 years has really given me a muffin top. I would love to do Bootcamp for Tummies and pledge to give it my best!

  50. I am a classic mom and would love to give this a try for a month.

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