bootcampfortummi I’ve been raving about Mama Mio for a while, and its time, once again, to share some of it with you. So I have to tell you about their newest Bootcamp: Bootcamp for Tummies.

Bootcamp for Tummies is a great system and can be used pregnant or not, but the results won’t be visible if you are pregnant. So, while I’ve been trying out the system, I can’t yet attest to the results. However, I can vouch for it all the same. The recommended exercises are very similar to Pilates breathing and I was completely hooked on Pilates until I wasn’t allowed to participate. (oh… baby… can’t wait until you’re 6 weeks old and I can get back in there and practice Pilates.)

These exercises do make a difference in your belly. They work the inner stomach muscle (aka your transverse muscle) that is so very difficult to reach, no matter how much of a gym-enthusiast you may be, unless you know how to breathe right. Bootcamp for Tummies teaches you how to breathe correctly to help to get your tummy in shape. Included in the kit are Tummy Toner (which I reviewed in the past) and Mama Mio’s new Get Waisted, which is designed to” eliminate puffiness, tighten your tum, discourage fat deposits and – most importantly – maximize lipolysis. Lipolysis is the way your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells; giving you slim fat cells and a slimmer silhouette.”

I’m so looking forward to, postnatally, completing a Bootcamp for Tummies (in fact, I plan to do all 3 Bootcamps next fall.) And, because I’ve already tried out Get Waisted and Tummy Toner, I know how simple it will be to add a month of a 4-minutes-a -day series to my morning routine. I’m sure you want to join me.

To help Mommies with Style celebrate our relaunch and to celebrate and introduce our readers to Bootcamp for Tummies, we’re running a giveaway this week.

Here’s how to win your kit of Bootcamp for Tummies (a $135 retail value), its as simple as the bootcamp! Make a comment to this review and tell us two things: 1. which MWS style are you? and 2. pledge to do one month of Bootcamp for Tummies, should you win.

Make sure to include your e-mail address on the comment form (otherwise we can’t contact you to let you know you won). A winner will be selected at random next week and she’ll have 24 hours to reply to our e-mail before an alternate is selected.


  1. Most definitely a classic working mom! I pledge to do bootcamp for tummies for a month – or longer if that’s what it takes to get rid of this tummy!

  2. I am a classic mom and my stomach is definitely in need of a lot of help! Many thanks, Cindi

  3. So Sorry, I do pledge for 30 days, to use the product if I should win.
    Thanks, Cindi

  4. I’m definitely classic. Bootcamp sounds amazing. And the breathing techniques – they probably help while you are in labor? Any new ways to get the tummy back in shape sound great – especially when it’s only a few minutes a day.

  5. Hmmm…Today I’m completely leaning toward the colors of the Retro Mom and it appears I am the ONLY one! I guess I need a little sunshine as much as I need a month of bootcamp for tummies:-) Bring on the color, the sun and the bootcamp so I can bare my middle (maybe!) sometime in the future.

  6. I’m a classic mom, though I must say that there’s been a lot more princess pink in my life since I had my daughter! I can promise to do much more than a month of the bootcamp, since if it can shake this two baby mummy tummy i’ll be a lifelong fan! 🙂

  7. Jackie Wachholz says

    I am a trendy mom and I absolutely pledge to do the bootcamp for one month should I receive it. I need it!


    I am a trendy mom. I really need the bootcamp and I absolutly pledge to do the bootcamp for one month if I get it. It looks awesome and exactly what I have been looking for to get back into shape!

  9. I’m a mix of a trendy and classic mom. I have recently lost 65lbs. post childbirth (20 of it was pregnancy weight), but I can’t seem loose this awful jiggly fat around my belly. I would definitely commit to using this for at least 30 days. Help!

  10. I’m a retro mommy…a retro mom that can’t seem to get rid of her baby belly! I’ll gladly do a month of bootcamp and more. Thanks!

  11. I’m a classic mom! I can’t tell you how much I need a tummie bootcamp right now. My daughter (7 months) bit my tummy fat while teething. What a wake up call!

  12. I think I’m a mix between a classic and trendy mom, and I pledge to do one month of Bootcamp for Tummies, should I win (cross my fingers).

  13. I like to think of myself as the trendy mommy cuz I am still fairly young & I love all of the baby trends of wearing your baby & all the cute gadgets. I definatly need this boot camp, I had baby #2 15months ago & still have not shed the tummy, I will definatly give this one a full try out!

  14. I am totally a classic mom and I definately need the belly book camp, I’ve lost all of the baby weight but can’t seem to lose the baby belly/get the muscle back after the c-section, maybe this is the boost I need! I will 100% give this a 30 day min try out!

  15. My son is 2 years old, I lost all the baby weight, want to start on a 2nd but would love to get the flat tummy before I do so. I pledge to give 100% and use for at least 30 days!!

  16. I’m a classic Mom and I will definitely pledge to do a month of bootcamp for tummies! I’m desperately trying to find my “20-something” tummy again!

  17. classic mom and definitely would do a month of the tummy bootcamp…boy do i need it.

  18. I would say I’m a classic mom with a retro twist. I pledge to do a month of bootcamp for tummies.

  19. I’m a trendy/retro mom. I give birth in 4 weeks to my second son…I will need help getting my body back in shape. This kit will help me jump start myself back to my pre-baby body.

  20. Retro Mom Regina’s tummy here, pledging to commit to the program for at least 30 days. Save meeeee!!! 🙂

  21. This Classic mom pledges allegiance to the Bootcamp for Tummies program and promises to do the program for a month should I win (and blog about the results if you’d like). My belly needs some serious TLC after my second pregnancy and would love to regain some of its original shape/tone/strength. Help!

  22. Belly bootcamp for one month, definitely — the beach awaits and this retro mom needs some tummy time.

  23. Shawna B says

    I’m a retro mama and I pledge, on my two children, that I will follow the bootcamp for tummies program for a least a month.

  24. A classic mom of three lovely children with classic tummy jiggle-I would whole-heartedly perform bootcamp for tummies for one month…and beyond!

  25. I love the colors of the retro mama theme! So bright and happy. I could definitely use a month of tummy bootcamp!!

  26. Definitely a classic mom with unfortunately a classic post-baby belly. I will pledge to to follow the bootcamp for one month and more until this belly goes away!

  27. I am definitely a trendy mom but the baby belly doesn’t work with all trendy clothes! I pledge to follow the bootcamp for way more than a month.

  28. Great giveaway! I’m a classic mom and would absolutely follow the bootcamp for a month.

  29. Jennifer says

    another trendy mom here – who could also use the tummy bootcamp!

  30. Lauren W says

    I am a classic mom and am up for the 30 day challenge. After the baby is born, I will need this!

  31. Hi! I am a trendy Mom! I definately will commit to 30 days for a flatter tummy! I’m in!

  32. I’m a definitely a classic mom and want to commit to 30 days of bootcamp for my belly!

  33. Christine says

    Retro mom here. It’s difficult to be a stylish mom with a c-section pooch. I would love to be able to wear low-rise jeans (Do they even sell any other style now?) and not have to wear an over-sized tee in case my gut shows. I solemnly pledge to try this for a month and then some!

  34. Hello, ladies! I am a trendy mom who has lost 75% of my weight loss goal and am looking forward to losing the last few pounds. I worked hard to get to where I am and I need to put my tummy into bootcamp. I pledge all the time I need for my petite body to be back to normal! Count me in!

  35. I’m a classic mom. I definitely pledge to do one month of Bootcamp for Tummies if I win. This sounds like exactly what I need to get me going again!

  36. Cara Sobieski says

    Hello! This is so exciting, I would really love to win this contest. I am a trendy mom that really wants to get back into her bikini! I will definitely commit to the bootcamp!

  37. Sara Raak says

    Though I’d love to say I’m that trendy mom everyone wants to hate….I’m just a classic kind of mom who is trudging through the first year of her son’s life wondering how I ever used to be so skinny and fit! I would certainly pledge to do a month of Bootcamp for Tummies. My tummy needs some help and I’m pretty sure that would help me too!

  38. I’m a princess mom! As a former ballerina and the mother of 3 girls, I think you have to be a princess mom to survive. I promise to use the Bottcamp program faithfully because I have to fit into a Nutcracker costume by October…HELP!!

  39. I’m a classic/retro mom with a hint of trendy 😉 Late 30’s mom of two busy boys.

    I will totally commit to a month of this…I’ve started exercising again, and while the tummy fat level has gone down, the flabby squishy-ness has not. 🙁


  40. I am a classic mommy, and I REALLY would LOVE to try this! I have two girls, ages 2 and 4. During pregnancy my abdominal muscles split (diastacis I think is what it’s called). I can’t work out my abs at all because doing traditional crunches and what not makes my stomach bow outward horribly. I think this Tummy Bootcamp could really be a life saver for me! The doctor said I might need surgery as I get older, but I feel if I could strengthen them the right way from the inside, maybe I could avoid it.
    I know lots of people with Diastacis who would be all over this product if it worked. I would TOTALLY commit to a lifetime of trying it, and report my findings to you, the company, and to my blog readers as well.

  41. After the birth of my first baby I’m still trying to be trendy… as a mom now so that would be my MWS type. As far as pledging to do the bootcamp for a month- should I win- I pledge to do it for even more so that I can get my pre baby body back! The summer in a bathing suit isn’t looking too pretty right now!

  42. Francyne says

    I am a trendy mom! As a trendy mom, with the trends towards health, fitness, exercise and eating right on the forefront, I promise to uphold this trend and do this bootcamp for a long time (more than a month). I am already a gym rat – but need to get my tummy back in shape! Thanks for your review.

  43. Jennifer Maslow says

    Hi, I am a classic / trendy mom! after two little ones… I could really use a boot camp to help me kick my fitness regime back into gear!! and get rid of the wonderful muffin top!

  44. Wow, hate to label myself, but I’m a pretty classic mom. Right now a classic mom with a substantial mid-section!! The boot camp would be a fabulous way to start my summer and I pledge to do the boot camp and document every step of the way!!!

  45. Wow! This sounds wonderful and something I must try!! I am a trendy mom of 2 and in desperate need of help with my tummy!

  46. Danielle S. says

    What a wonderful giveaway! And so many new moms need help with the ab section (including me!!) I’m a classic mom, with a small portion of trendy thrown in there. I would LOVE to have a newly svelte midsection…please pick me! This is my pledge to commit for a full 30 days.

  47. Nichole M says

    I guess if I had to pick one, I would fall more into the “classic” mom more than the rest. I would LOVE to give the bootcamp a try, especially since after I had my third BOY 4 months ago, the weight isn’t falling off, so I could certainly use the help!:) I will try anything that works at least a month or longer!

  48. I dont really want to box my mom style, but sure do want to tone up the tummy! Thanx!

  49. Catherine says

    I’m a trendy mom in my heart! I think the bootcamp would be a great start to getting trendy in my body again! I’ve lost 35# since having my 6 month old, and I would definitely do it for a month and MORE!

  50. I’m a classic/princess mom who desperately needs Bootcamp for Tummies!! I’ve had 7 children and am currently trying to drop 30 lbs. Wish it would just drop off! Anyhow my tummy needs help. I would do this program faithfully if I win!

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