Used to be a time when I was left without a single show to watch on a Wednesday night. But not this season. Between Glee, Modern Family, The Middle and Cougartown I could easily rename Wednesday nights, Couch Potato night. Thanks to Fancast, I don’t have to be a Couch Potato and I also don’t have to miss any of these great new shows.

Oh if only I had the time to be a Couch Potato! Of course, as a busy working mom I often try to squeeze in my work at night, and then when I do sit down to try and watch a show live, I am so exhausted that I find myself passing out before the punchline.  So I set my DVR, in my bedroom with every intention of catching it later. But of course when I am ready to watch the show I’m not in my bedroom – I am in the kitchen, doing bills. And heaven forbid that I set the downstairs DVR to record two shows on opposing channels when my kids want to watch the latest episode of their favorite shows. Sound familiar?

Ironically we don’t even watch that much TV. It’s too complicated to set the DVRs! All I want to do is watch a show here and there, when and where I want!

This is exactly why I am so happy to have found Fancast. Want to know a “dirty little secret” that is a perfect example of why Fancast is so awesome? I got to school a half hour early today to pick up my kids. While I was sitting in my car (in the prime parking space, ha ha!) and my toddler was napping, I was able to hop on the school’s community wireless network and surf on over to Fancast and watch the episode of The Middle that I missed last week. Sure the other moms may have thought I was crazy, snorting in front of my computer, in my car, but who cares? Have you seen that show? Hysterical! I’m still laughing. What a nice little pick me up in the middle of my day. Calorie free too.

I’m completely sold on Fancast now. They aggregate video content from all over the web (including all the stuff from Hulu and the networks) and also have more original content, interviews, video clips etc than anyone else.  I don’t have a ton of time to myself in my busy day, but I love having the freedom to chill out and watch a show whenever, wherever I have a wireless connection, and happen to be waiting with a few minutes to spare.

Check out the shows on Fancast yourself. There are over 10,000 hrs of online programming and over 60,000 videos to choose from. It’s totally free, though I should warn you that there are  a few commercials. They are really brief though, around 30 seconds or less, which is ok with me given the convenience and the fact that it is gratis. It’s so great to finally be untethered from my DVR!



  1. Ever since I started working, television had fallen by the wayside. I’ve managed to break away to watch Grey’s Anatomy on occasion. How I miss Brother’s and Sisters… even when I tape it I never end up getting to it.

    Blogging is the new Black.

  2. Well, I found a better way for even later playback the movies we like from fancast, tunebite, it records the movies directly on ur pc, all we have to do is to browse for the movie we like and tunebite will record it, so we can watch it on dvd player every time we want

  3. I´m going to check those two webs, sounds convenient!

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