mannerstogo My daughter’s been Miss. Manners lately thanks to a kit called Manners To Go from The American Academy of Etiquette. She’s learned more than to just say please and thank you. She now uses proper table manners, such as saying excuse me when she has to get up from the dinner table to go to the bathroom (instead of announcing she has to go to the bathroom). She’s also learned how to properly leave a message on an answering machine when someone is not home (she loves leaving messages for her grandparents)! Other manners she has mastered include how to hold a fork correctly, how to look someone properly in the eye when speaking with them (she is very shy), how to write a thank you note and more!!

The Manners To Go kit has the tools you’ll need to make learning the basics of proper etiquette simple and fun for your child! I even had my memory refreshed on a few different manners! The kit includes everything you need: thank you notes and envelopes with instructions for proper note writing, four “Color and Use” place mats with place setting guides (we loved these), twenty-five fantastic flashcards with instructions for initial introductions, telephone etiquette, conversational skills, eye contact and dining. Also included is a reference guide that translates the words Please, Hello and Thank You into five languages! My kids have been practicing and love saying these words in different languages! There are also cute stickers to use every day or when writing thank you notes.

From first impressions to table manners and beyond, Manners To Go lets families learn together and gives kids valuable skills that build confidence and self-esteem.  To order Manners To Go, please click here for order information.  Your order will ship for free when you mention you saw this review on Mommies with Style.

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