marcia.jpgCeleb moms somehow manage to look stellar all through their pregnancies. Sometimes its the custom maternity clothes. And sometimes its knowing exactly what fabulous piece of couture will still work when you are halfway through a twin pregnancy. And don’t want to compromise your style.
Enter LA darling designer Single Dress. Why do stars like Marcia Cross love Single? Well for starters, it is the silk. Buttery soft and light as air. These dresses and tops float around you, and might make you feel a little like you snuck out in your pjs. Except for the fact that you look so completely put together and chic as you comfortably stroll along.
Single Dresses and tops are not maternity clothes. So while several of their styles are cut generous and flowy enough to contain a bump, you will not want to part with these garments after the baby, or ever! They are as classic as an Hermes scarf. Your daughters will someday try to steal this from you – when they are in college and raiding your wardrobe and acting all shocked at what hip and fabulous stuff you have hiding in there.
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Or shop for Single online at better stores, such as Bloomingdales, which carries a great selection of the haute line.

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