Continuing my obsession with our Wii (past posts include my first Wii post, my review of Diego for the Wii and my recent article on my need for Wii therapy), I had to review our latest game purchase: Mario Kart.
The game came out earlier this month and I actually got on a waiting list at our local GameStop to be sure we received a copy. My local sales rep told me it was going to be a great game – especially for the kids. And he was right.
The neat thing about this game is that it’s good for all levels of players. It’s not hard to do – Nate (4) can play it. The controls are simple and he has a good time doing it. He also loves racing against us.
And here’s what I think is the best thing about this game – you can race with people online. You can play random people – regionally or Internationally, or you can play friends you’ve registered. This is particularly fun for us as I convinced my parents (who live 1000 miles away in Florida) to get it for their Wii and yesterday we played them for the first time. “Mom-Mom” and “Oompah” raced against “Whitney” and “Nate.” It was so much fun and it’s nice to have something we can all do together – even if it is only virtual.
So it comes with one wheel – which you pop your Wii remote into so you can “steer.” We bought a second wheel, which I highly recommend if you want to play two player in your house. (You can play up to 4 but we weren’t about to do that.) So the game is $49.99 on Amazon with free shipping.


  1. Mario Kart is a favorite in my house. Actually as I am typing hubby is playing with my parents and brother online. Dylan thinks it is cool to play (and beat!) his grandpa on the game. Maybe we should play together sometime. Now I am just trying to wait patiently for my Wii Fit!! BTW I'm Mel from Philly bloggers and can't wait to meet up in June.

  2. Thanks Whitney! Based on your review I've decided that I MUST have this game so I'm going out tomorrow to buy it & will give it to DS next week for his preschool graduation 🙂

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