As my husband’s on the road a lot, I have to put off watching some of our favorite tv shows at night.  He works late hours when he’s away from home so he can’t watch some of the shows we like to watch together – Glee, Desperate Housewives, House.  I’ve turned to watching random shows and movies that are available on Netflix’s Watch Instantly.

The canceled television series Veronica Mars came up as a recommended show for me.  Kristen Bell stars as Veronica Mars; I had loved Kristen in Heroes so I thought I’d check it out.

I’m now watching the last season (Season 3) and loving the show.  I’ll be so sad when I finish it up.

So when this pitch came through from mark on their make-up and Kristen wearing it, I was interested in checking it out.   This picture shows Kristen at the You Again! movie premiere and she’s wearing all mark on her face.

I got a chance to try out some of the make-up and loved it.  Everything is available from at great affordable prices for make-up.

Here’s some of what Kristen’s wearing in the photo:
mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug, $10 at
* mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup in Natural, $10 at (loved how smooth and easily this went on)
* mark Good Riddance Hook Up Concealer, $6 at (although in my case they should call this “Tired from All the Kids Concealer”) Get this free right now when you get 2 other mark hook up products
*mark Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush in After Glo, $7 at Avon


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