bellyEmbraceImage.jpgSpecial times call for jewelry! There’s just something about a rite of passage that makes me want to commemorate it with a unique and sentimental piece.
It’s been almost five months since I delivered my son, and yet I am still clinging to the precious moments of pregnancy and cherishing all the moments since. And I am wearing my necklace from Maternal Journey.
The charm that I have is called Maternal Embrace. It is inspired by the way a pregnant mama unconsciously wraps her arms around her belly, holding her baby in her arms, before it even comes into the world. It reminds me of this special time with my son, ever time I look at it, and reminds me to cherish the time now when he is still small enough to nestle so perfectly in my arms.
Maternal Journey Jewelry is a thoughtful gift for any new or expecting mom. Check out the selection of meaningful charms on their site.

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