target My first pregnancies I tried to shop at Target for maternity clothes. Attempted it because I wanted to save money. But what I found was that the clothing was huge, no matter how pregnant I was, not too impressively made, and there wasn’t much style.

So when Target offered to send a sample of their Liz Lange  line, I was interested in checking it out, but not exactly jumping with excitement. But Target surprised me this time. Their colllection fits better than the past. Their sizing is still a bit generous (as are most of the Target lines, be it non-maternity or maternity) but I’ve been able to wear their tops this time around. And with compliments. That’s where the style comes in.  The top looks cute on and its comfortable. They also sent a dress which is too long for me, but will be fine with a little hemming. Very flowy–definitely the hot look of the summer.

As for the wear, as I mentioned, its comfortable and basic. I’ve worn the top several times and its been through the wash: I don’t expect the clothing to last through several pregnancies, in fact I’ve had to clip several loose threads already. But, then, its Target and the price is right for wear-it-for-a-season pieces: perfect for maternity.

So, looking good in my new sample top, I ventured over to the Target today that recently opened in Lionville, PA. Their maternity section, while not huge, definitely surprised me in terms of style this time around. The materials are softer and lighter and the look is much more “hip” than the bulky, boxy tops I recall from years ago. I was impressed by the prints and cuts and very tempted to try on a few tops and a dress or two… had my 3 year old not been about to run off to the toys section.

My advice: Head over to Target for Maternity shopping with a little time (and peace and quiet) to try things on. You’ll love the prices and comfort and likely be surprised by the stylish flair.


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