As I shift from pregnancy mode to new mommy/nursing mode (baby comes August 12), I’m looking around for things that will make my life easier as a nursing mom. Medela sent me a sample of their Nursing Camisole ($34), which is made of a cotton blend. Even at 9 months pregnant, it fits me beautifully, is comfortable, and is will fit me after baby comes (it’s the perfect amount of stretchy!). The nursing access is a drop-cup and it comes in white and black. I like the hip length and the pretty lace trim. I was also pleased that the Nursing Camisole supported my size DD’s – I’ve never found a camisole with a built in bra that could do that before. In the hot July air, I am loving the cotton blend and it just so comfortable to wear!

Another great benefit of Medela’s Nursing Camisole is that it allows moms to pump hands-free with the Medela Freestyle™, which is the breast pump I will be using. The bra shelf part can separate from the outer layer of the camisole, allowing moms to easily attach the Freestyle’s hands-free kit.

Thank you to Medela for providing a product sample for review purposes.


  1. I will keep this in mind for the future. Nursing did not come naturally with Babyboy so whatever makes nursing easier the better! I am now 16 weeks and have started to grow. I am in the odd in between stage of pregnancy when old clothes don’t fit and maternity clothes are too big.

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