Are you a prisoner of your pump? Bored with sitting around clutching the controls? Would you like to
break free? The new Hands Free Medela Freestyle Pump lets you do so. But what are you going to do with all that freedom?
Here’s a Handy (Hands Free!) Top Ten List for you of things you can now do while pumping… if you dare!
10. Practice all the moves to “Dancing Queen”.
9. Topiary
8. Make a three layer birthday cake with rolled fondant icing
7. Feng Shui the family room
6. Knit your own socks
5. Wash your car
4. Decorate your Christmas tree
3. Steam clean the rugs
2. Play Barbies with your four year old
And of course (perhaps more realistically)…
1. Read Mommies With Style and chat with your friends on the message boards
Continue reading the complete review for all the reasons why the Medela Freestyle is the most revolutionary, mom friendly pump ever! And don’t forget to watch the video at the top for a little mom humor sure to pick up any pumping mom’s spirits.

Breastfeeding, while a natural and beautiful thing, is not always easy. There’s the discomfort of engorgement, the pins and needles of let down (the term alone is a clue), and the leaking and extreme “don’t touch me!” tenderness of the first few weeks. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid mastitis or the more common problems of sore nipples, you may worry that you are making too much milk or worse… not enough. The road to breastfeeding your infant is rarely bump free.
And so Medela made the pump. The pump is your friend, helping you regulate your milk production, helping you deal with and heal from a wide range of breast feeding snafus. Helping you bank your own stash in the hopes of an occasional date night or margarita night with the girls. It is your savior in the long dark night that your partner is assigned to feed the baby your bottled milk while you sleep. It lets you get back to work. The pump, my friends, is sanity!
But up until recently, most quality pumps were large, loud and cumbersome devices that required three hands, and ton of spare time. Aftermarket solutions promised a hands free pumping experience. And resulted in spilt milk that was worth crying over. Perhaps I am just a spazz, but I had yet to experience anything that worked and was mostly resigned to the literal timesuck that pumping demanded. I also often ended sessions stressed out that I was not “producing” enough. My stress about being interrupted by the phone or a needy child while pumping only made it more difficult to achieve letdown.
Medela, the leader in breastpumps has changed all that for me with their new Freestyle pump. It’s no surprise that this pump has won a prestigious JPMA Innovation Award. They have put their patented two phase technology in a small, portable, lightweight, battery equipped unit that can be used any time, anywhere… but wait there’s more…completely hands free. Medela consulted with over a thousand breastfeeding moms to make this the very best pump ever. And they have succeeded. Some of the fab features include:
* Personal memory settings let you personalize the pump for the amount of time it takes to achieve let down and your personal suction preferences.
* The unit is lightweight enough to wear while walking around
* A rechargeable battery means you are truly free to move about your cabin and pump unplugged. Need to pump in the car, in a restroom, or while camping in the woods? No problem!
With this much freedom, there are a ton of things you could do while pumping… if you dare! Most importantly, you can relax a little about both breastfeeding and pumping, which is bound to lead to a better experience.
To watch a demo, learn more about this award winning product and read some more mom testimonials, or to purchase a Freestyle pump, visit the Medela website.
And please take a moment to leave us a comment sharing what sorts of things you wish you could do while pumping!


  1. That was one of the funniest breastfeeding/pumping videos I’ve ever seen! Thanks for posting it!

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