So we’ve recently discovered the “fun” of band-aids in our house. It seems like every little bump these days is an “owie” that warrants a bandaid. And of course we have a plethora of band-aids to choose from. (Yesterday’s “owie” required a Boots one.) And I can only imagine the years I have to go of bandaid-needs and more.
That’s why I though this little Medibag was cute as well as functional. It’s made by Me 4 Kidz and it comes stocked with 117 first aid needs including bandaids, tweezers, stickers, burn gel, antiseptic wipes and tons more. (Click here for the complete list.)
For a quick need, this is convenient. I’m keeping it downstairs in a locked cabinet (but in easy reach) and my additional kids medicine needs are upstairs.
You can buy it on Amazon for $19.95 (spend another $5 and your order qualifies for free shipping.)

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