beset_zany I’d like to introduce you to my new diaper bag. Oh wait. That’s right. I haven’t been carrying a diaper bag. I’ve been carrying an oversized and expensive designer bag that I have coveted for years. I’m sick of waiting to carry a bag I really want. So I am calling this $$$ indulgence my “diaper bag”.

Shocking I know. But trust me, it all makes sense when you look inside. Because although it’s all designer monogram on the outside, the heart of this affair is Jubube.

I like to tell people that I have been carrying a diaper bag for over a decade. I started young and 12 years, four kids later, I have not had more than six consecutive months of my life where I was not carrying diapers, wipes, and emergency kid cleaning and feeding supplies. Lucky for me that times have really changed and it is no longer necessary for me to forgo carrying my designer bags. I simply pack up a series of Jujube accessories and move them from bag to bag as needed.

Over the years I have purchased and been given many Jujube accessory samples to try. I’m so grateful for them. It’s like they have given me my “me” back. The flexibility of having these all packed up and ready to go is amazing and unparalled.

Some of my cannot live without Jujube Accessories?

The Be Major: I keep this mother of all wallets loaded with all my clubs cards, cash and credit cards, driver’s license, receipts, lipstick, pen, etc. It even has a place for my cell phone and is perfect for grab and go dashes into the grocery store when I don’t want to be weighed down.

The BusinessBe: For my biz cards and playdate cards

Be Set: I use these for diapers, wipes, meds, and little things that tend to float

Be Quick: I use this for a change of clothes and an extra “emergency” diaper

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