I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer Garner’s for awhile now, ever since my obsession with the tv show Alias.

I’ve followed her career and Jennifer’s always been one of my favorite celebrities as I always thought she appeared to “keep it real” and just seemed like an every day Mom.  Meeting her in person, I can now say my impressions were right – she’s just a down to earth, normal person.

So I met her via Frigidaire and their campaign with Save the Children to Make Time for Snack Time, I was one of 7 lucky bloggers who attended an event up in New York City last Friday.   Kids were invited and while I thought it was great they were encouraging to me to also bring my 3-year-old, I decided to save myself to the stress and went only with my 6-year-old.  I wanted to have some special time with Nate – it was his first time on the train and up to Manhattan.

I learned that starting yesterday, when people visit www.Frigidaire.com and join the Make Time for Snack Time campaign, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs.

So together along with Jennifer Garner and chef Lucina Scala Quinn, Nate and I got to make an assortment of healthy snacks.  I got some great cooking tips!

I’ll have more photos to share but I had to put up a little something about it.

I took this video in the first few minutes when everyone was introduced: Mark Shriver, Executive Director of Save the Children, actress Jennifer Garner and Lucinda Scala Quinn (Executive Food Director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and co-host of “Everyday Food” on PBS).


  1. Judy Pomeroy says

    Love the pictures of Whitney and Jennifer G. . . .and the pic of Nate learning to become an ‘Epicurean delight’ Chef!

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