You know when you come across and item that just makes you go, “oh… yeah… that’s a good one.” Or, even better, the frustrating “grrr… now why didn’t I think of that??” Well, here are two of those smart and useful products, both from embrace.
Ideal for travel, Embrace a Fresh Pair won’t leave your unmentionables unwearable. tiny papers scented very lightly of pear, this undergarment leaf soap was created for handwashing your delicate undergarments. Which means the next time you’re traveling and want to re-wear a pair, won’t be quietly cleaning with shampoo in the sink. Packaged descreetly in a matchbox sized case, each Embracde a Fresh Pair contains 20 soap leaves for only $7.50.
Also from Embrace, I’m loving The Bra Strap Solution. Once you’ve found a bra you love, its hard to switch to another. But for years I’ve been purchasing a not-quite-as-comfortable racerback for hiding my straps when I’m wearing a top that shows my normal straps. No longer. The Bra Strap Solution is going to be my hero to a sexy summer. Simply, its a tiny plastic circle with sweet little hearts. Use the hearts to pull the straps close in back and adjust until your straps are hidden. Not just for summer, this handy piece has also been useful on my beloved older bras, the ones where the straps are a little bit stretched and tend to fall and slide under heavy coats and sweaters. With the Bra Strap Solution adding a bit more resistance, problem solved.
Both Embrace products cost less than $10 each, but you can use coupon code MWS20 for 20% off online orders. I’m planning to order a few extras of both–not just to keep in suitcases and my gym bag, but to gift to Moms-to-Be, Honeymooners and travelers.

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