My 12-month old son is an extremely messy eater. Three times a day we go through a huge clean up process, sometimes ending up in the bath. So when I heard about Oopsy Daisy Rinse Free baby shampoo, I was so excited to try it. I was hoping it would make my life easier when it came to meal time… and it definitely does!
First of all, this product is SO easy to use. You just pump a little bit on to your baby’s hair, rub/scrub it in like you do shampoo, and then towel dry it off. Comb, and you are all done. Hair is clean and smells great, and you never have to take your baby out of the high chair or use any water! Secondly, this product is made from all natural ingredients (plant-based) and contains no numbing agents or anesthetizers found in many “tear-free” shampoos. The pump (which dispenses a perfect foamy amount of cleanser) uses no harsh detergents or propellants to generate the foam.
This is a product that every mom can use for a child under two. Also available are a no-bath bubble bath, “regular” body wash and shampoo, moisturizer, and a great detangler product, all made with natural ingredients. Check out the full-line of products available.
Did I peak your interest? Take a look at this video of the shampoo in action, and if you decide to purchase, take an extra 15% off using code “tryme” in the voucher box at checkout.

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