metrowrap2.jpg I’ve been a fan of simple wrap style carriers for a while now. For one thing, they are surprisingly simple to use and totally comfortable to wear. And they tend not to look so much like a piece of baby gear. More like an interesting shawl that you, ingenious fashionista mom that you are, have turned into a chic way to tote your tot.
And now, thanks to Metromamma’s new MetroWrap line, wrap carriers are even more fashionable than ever. Metromamma wraps are made from super cushy, soft, premium cotton knits. They’ve carefully chosen rich neutral colors like Malibu Sand, Manhattan Black and San Francisco Chocolate, that will actually coordinate with your clothing. There’s even a handy chart that helps you match your carrier to the dominant colors in your wardrobe.
But what I like most about these particular wrap carriers is that they have taken the concept of carrier-as-clothing-fashion-statement to the next level. With bling. What a perfect idea. I mean shouldn’t the wrap be cuter than the tee it goes on over? Choices include a dragon, pirate skull, peace symbol and crown. No worries about your changing post-baby figure when you order one of these. They are one size fits all – including Daddy! C’mon, what could be studlier than your guy toting the baby in a pirate themed wrap?
Detailed instructions on how to use the wrap are available on the website. This style of baby carrier takes a little getting used to at first but can soon be put on and taken off in a flash (just don’t try doing it in a rainy parking lot – that’s a little tip from me!). Wraps are also versatile. This one multi-tasking accessory can be used to create impromptu highchairs when dining out, to cover you while you breastfeed, and to shade or tuck in a sleeping child in a stroller or carseat. And the nice thing is that you can toss it in the washer and drier with the kid’s clothes, and it’s ready to go again tomorrow.
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