What I love:
-The full recline. It was one of my many complaints with the strollers my boys had, the stroller never reclined all the way so that baby could sleep long-term on his back. The Atmosferra doesn’t just recline all the way back, but the adjustable legsupport has this super cool pocket underneath. The footrest flips all the way up to meet the snack tray. Then out of the pocket comes a cover, which snaps and clips around the snack tray to create a portable crib for baby to lay inside. I’m so profoundly shocked this isn’t on the Mia Moda website that you can view this on my first vblog.
-The resversible seat. Becoming more common on upscale strollers, this is definitely a feature worth mentioning. The seat simply picks up and reverses then clicks back into place. So baby can look at you, and you at him.
-The full coverage sunshade. Flips all the way down to the kick snack tray, even when in full recline. Absolutely perfect for a baby who is dragged to her big brother’s touch football games during nap time.
-Free-standing fold. Seriously, who doesn’t need this?! I can’t stand it when my strollers don’t stand upright, especially when I’m trying to make room for them in my already tight garage. A free-standing fold is like gold in my book.
-Car seat compatible with a Mia Moda car seat. I don’t have the car seat, so I can’t attest to this. But if you’re starting out, or need a new car seat, it would be totally worth it to look into buying both.
-Adjustable-height handle with parent cup holder and one-handed steering. Key to families, like mine, where Mom is barely 5 feet and Dad is much taller.
Learn more about the affordable yet luxury infant stroller at Mia Moda’s site. Or just buy it. You’ll like it. Ships for free at Strollers.com.


  1. To whom it may concern,
    I recently viewed your review on the mia moda atmosferra stroller. I am going to purchase one. your review was very helpful in making up my mind, but i am in need of a rain cover for this stroller. Do you know where i can purchase a rain cover that fits this stroller. I AM DESPERATE, I HAVE SEARCHED ONLINE AND COME UP WITH NOTHING!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
    please contact me at d3luv@excite.com
    thanks in advance.

  2. I’d send an e-mail over to the people at mia moda (miamodainc.com). Not sure if they have a rain cover, if not perhaps they can recommend one to fit.
    Though, something to think about, is it really necessary? The cover is pretty big. And if its really, really raining, are you likely to be strolling?

  3. does the car seat goes on top of the existing seat or does it replace it? would love to see pix if you have one, thanks.

  4. Sasha’s Kiddie Products has rain and wind/sun covers for a lot of strollers including the Mia Moda Atmosferra.


    I bought the rain cover for my Peg Perego Aria there and it seems well made. As for why a rain cover is necessary for a stroller, perhaps DD the person who posted asking about one lives in NYC or another city like we do! Not everybody in every place drives cars everywhere they go; we use public transportation and often walk with the stroller for hours outside on errands and to and around the park. Rain (or snow) is unpredictable in NYC so a rain cover is an absolute must-have here.

    About the Mia Moda Atmosferra, I love ours. My biggest complaint is the difficult fold. In demonstrations others seem to fold it easily, and I do understand how it’s supposed to work, but my stroller is glitchy and often doesn’t “catch” the way it should on at least one of the many steps to folding the stroller. So I have to try and try again. Therefore I do not use this stroller anytime it might need to be folded and put in a car or taxi trunk. Thus, coming full circle, the need for a good rain cover! 🙂

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