About a year and a half ago, I reviewed the Mia Moda Cielo, an award winning, space saving stroller. I described it as “a traveler’s dream.” And it still is.
But in 2008, Mia Moda took the unique Cielo and evolved it into the Cielo Evolution. The Evolution, at its bare-bones, is still the Cielo. It still has the fabulous 3 step fold that becomes no bigger, and no heavier, than a piece of luggage. It will still fit comfortably into a small car trunk. And it comes in a carry bag that, folded, the stroller will zip back into and sling over your shoulder. As before, the perfect travel stroller.
But they added more to the Evolution. First, it weighs about 4 pounds more (Totaling just over 18 pounds, to the Cielo’s 14). The fold size is also a little bit more, but the open size, nearly the same. But here’s what I love so much more about the Cielo Evolution and makes it so much more worth it to me: The seat, which seems more cushioned, has stronger side cushions. (I’m not really sure what to call these, but they frame the side of the seat, kind of like a pillow for the baby.) A combination of the stronger cushion and the new adjustable armrests made me feel much more secure with a 6-month-old in the seat: a lot less wiggle room makes for a much more comfortable strolling mama.
Both the Evolution and the original have amazing turn radius’s and super smooth pushes. The breaks are easy to control with just one foot. Set-up and fold are simple, but take a bit of practice in the beginning, namely because they’re so different than the typical stroller.
Available at Strollers.com, the Cielo Evolution ships for free, no code needed. Recommended for children ages 6 months – 40 pounds.


  1. I love the adjustable armrests! I agree – the less wiggle room the better!

  2. how tall a child can fit this stroller

  3. how tall a child can fit this stroller

  4. Great rider for he baby.

  5. Between this and the quinny zapp, which of the two is better/ would you recommend to travel?

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