As a new mom you quickly realize that babies like to be held, and if we are being honest that doesn’t change as your child gets older. My son is now over 3 1/2 and he still wants to be carried as much as possible. This can be tough on the arms and back. That is where the new MiaMily HIPSTER can come to the rescue.

With HIPSTER, you will get to enjoy all the benefits of a hip seat, structure carrier AND a ring sling! One carrier, 9 different uses.

SEAT BASE ONLY: This set up allows your baby to stay close to you without feeling enclosed in a like a traditional carrier but still able to explore surroundings. It’s perfect for doing house chores at home, when your little one insists on being carried, out at a friend’s house, or places that are not stroller friendly like museums, narrow shopping aisles, and grocery shops.

DOUBLE SHOULDER CARRIER: This set up transforms HIPSTER into a traditional structured carrier, perfect for the times you need to be completely HANDS FREE. The double shoulder straps goes over each should,er which reduces back strain. In this set up, you can also discreetly nurse your baby when out in public.

SINGLE SHOULDER CARRIER: This set up allows you to use HIPSTER like a ring sling, where you can position your baby on your side and be hands free.

I personally love the versatility of this carrier. With a new baby on the way I can tell that this one carrier will serve the purpose of at least 3 others! I am a huge fan of baby wearing, and I think I will be even more of a fan once baby number two comes along. It’s nice to have your baby close to you, but still be able to have your hands and arms free to take care of the older one who still needs me.

Get involved in helping a company take off AND get your very own HIPSTER™ for a steal on Kickstarter.com for this awesome new baby carrier that takes care of both you and your little one.  Designed by parents for parents, this baby carrier is sleek in style, AND functional. If MiaMily launches Kickstarter successfully, the company will initiate its One for One Charity campaign, where each future sale of HIPSTER™ will donate one can of formula milk to babies in need

For a limited time, MiaMily is offering their $159.99 HIPSTER™ for a steal!  To get involved, click here www.kickstarter.com/miamily

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