Disney’s Bunnytown: Hello Bunnies — out on March 17th, this one is a perfect stuffer for an Easter basket! No doubt about it, it’s a cute one – buy it on Amazon for $17.99.
Care Bears: Cheer, There & Everywhere – I don’t quite get what it is about the Care Bears, but all the kids seem to love them – from toddlers to the 6+, this one is a good family all-play. Good for Easter too! $12.99 on Amazon, released this week on March 24th.
Lilo & Stitch: 2-Disc Big Wave Edition, released this week on March 24th, $19.99 on Amazon
Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob vs. The Big One – released March 3rd, $19.99 on Amazon
Bedtime for Frances DVD & Book Collection — releasing March 31st, this DVD and book set is sure to be a hit with Bedtime for Frances fans. Get it on Amazon with a pre-order price of $13.49.
Dragon Tales: Our Amazing Pets — $11.49 on Amazon, it released on March 17th.
Happy Go Lucky — One for you, Happy Go Lucky is “A movie about a woman who is almost compulsively cheerful. Poppy (Sally Hawkins, star of the 2007 miniseries of Persuasion) may at first seem like the most annoying human being alive. She can’t help but try to get a smile from someone who’s ignoring her.” It’s $19.99 on Amazon.
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas — another one for Mom & Dad, from Amazon, “The innocence of childhood savagely collides with the Holocaust in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Bruno (Asa Butterfield) knows that his father is a soldier and that they have to move to a new house in the country… a house near what he thinks is a farm. But his father isn’t just a soldier; he’s a high-ranking officer in Hitler’s elite SS troops who’s just been placed in command of Auschwitz. As Bruno explores the woods around the house, he discovers the concentration camp’s perimeter fence. On the other side sits a boy his own age, with whom Bruno strikes up a friendship–a friendship that will have tragic consequences.”
And last but not definitely not least, we of course can’t forget about Twilight. Could anyone forget about Twilight? Maybe if you’re living under a rock, you could. But you’d be hard pressed to have missed all the PR and talk about the movie in the past few months.
The 2-disc set released on Saturday, March 21st and it’s no surprise to anyone that it’s currently ranked as the top selling DVD on Amazon. Should I admit that I made my husband go with me to BJs on Saturday to pick up a copy? And that my 2 year old said, “look Mommy, it’s Edward!” when I picked up the DVD case? Nah, maybe not…
If you don’t have it yet, buy it off Amazon for $17.99 for the 2-disc set (extended scenes, etc.) [Twilight fan note: do NOT watch it with your husband unless you want a running commentary going. Comments like, “oooh you have got to be kidding me” during the sparkle/meadow scene, although funny, definitely changed the momentum of the movie.]


  1. Bruno taunts terrorists, homophobes and religious zealots in this movie in such a clever way that they do not even realise they are being mocked!

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