A collection of the latest and greatest of movie releases your kids are sure to love:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash – just the title gets me excited for the summer. $12.99 on Amazon, it released May 5th and it’s a great summer one for the whole family.
Imagination Movers: Warehouse Mouse — another release from May 5th. My boys are getting more and more into the Imagination Movers, which is just fine by me as I prefer them to the Wiggles (no offense to Wiggles fans!). We find the Imagination Movers tunes to be quite catchy over here! Get their latest release off Amazon for $12.99.
The Looney, Looney, Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Movie is a re-release from 1981 that became available on DVD on April 28th. Bugs Bunny seems to be a classic as it appeals to my kids as much as it did to me at the same age. This DVD is $12.99 on Amazon.
A BIG HIT in our house lately has been the Leap Frog Letter Factory, a re-release from 2003 that came out on May 12th. It also re-released with the Talking Words Factory. The thing that’s great about these DVDs is that they work well for all the kids – my 2 year old is simply entertained by the movie and letter/word making but not only is my 5 year old entertained but he’s learning to read with them.
Team Up with Thomas is a great one for Thomas fans and makes an awesome gift. For $9.99 you get the DVD as well as a wooden Thomas (which is cheaper than if you were to buy the train separately.) Makes a great gift or it’s good as a first time Thomas purchase. It releases May 19th.
Barney comes out with another one too on May 19th – Let’s Go On Vacation, as well as Fireman Sam with Hero Next Door. Both are currently listed at 12.99.
Today Disney also releases some classics that shouldn’t be missed and will get parents nostalgic: from the Animation Collection, the Wind in the Willows releases, along with The Reluctant Dragon and the Tortise and the Hare.
Lastly, Blu-Ray owners will be interested to learn that A Bug’s Life is coming out on Blu-Ray on May 19th. Get it on Amazon for $27.99.


  1. site2shan says

    I need to p/u that latest MMCH for my youngest!

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