Movies and more movies! Seems like there’s a whole new exciting batch each week and it’s hard to keep up.
Okay so this week’s biggie was the re-release of Sleeping Beauty. Deb did a special review of it when it came out on Tuesday; it’s the 50th anniversary (seriously?!) and get it while you can and while it’s out of the vault.
It’s been awhile since this one was available. I tried to get my boys to watch it – tried the whole selling point of “there are bad guys! And a prince who has to do some fighting!” But they saw through my ruse. So there I sat, sitting alone watching Sleeping Beauty. Some things don’t get old, even with age. Anyhow, buy it on Amazon for $14.99.
For tweens & teens, Season 1 of iCarly came out on September 23rd.
Calliou’s Winter Wonders — $12.99 on Amazon, released September 23rd.
The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie, releasing October 14th.
Animalia: Where Animals Rule, from the PBS show
Dora Celebrates Three Kings Day, released October 7th and $14.99 on Amazon.
Wonder Pets! Save the Nutcracker, released October 4th and $14.99 on Amazon.
Speed Racer: the Fast Track, the movie – released October 7th, $16.99 on Amazon – this is from the Speed Racer the Next Generation (not the original series)
Yo Gabba Gabba! – The Dancey Dance Bunch – $12.99, coming out October 14th and it’s the first Yo Gabba Gabba movie.
Go Diego Go: It’s a Bugs’ World — releasing October 21st, preorder of $14.99 on Amazon.
Sesame Street’s Abby in Wonderland — released September 30th and it’s $10.99 on Amazon.
And lots of boxed sets are now making their way onto store shelves, just in time for early holiday shopping. These include:
Strawberry Shortcake’s Holiday Dreams (set of 3 DVDs: Berry Merry Christmas, Let’s Dance and Big Country Fun). Released October 7th, $23.99 for the set of 3.
Care Bears Flurries of Fun (set of 3 DVDs: Oopsy Does It!, Grizzle-ly Adventures and Ups & Downs) Released October 7th, $23.99 for the set of 3.
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Classic Holiday Gift Set — this trio features A Chipmunk Christmas, Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration and Trick or Treason. It’s $29.99 on Amazon.
And okay so it’s not a kids’ movie but it’s such an awesome saga and seeing that this awesome restoration was coming out, I had to feature it. There’s a new release of the Godfather series – the Coppola Restoration. It released September 23th, 2008.

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