Seems like there’s more and more coming out lately – must be the time of year. Recent and soon-to-come releases include:
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Storybook Surprises – this just came out on September 2nd, as well as Tigger & Pooh’s Hundred Acre Haunt.
Elmo’s Christmas Countdown – it releases October 14th, and Amazon has it listed with a $10.99 pre-order price guarantee.
My Little Pony Live: the World’s Biggest Tea Party – $14.99 on Amazon.
Alvin & the Chipmunks – Daytona Jones and the Alvinnn Edition both re-released.
Dora Saves the Snow Princess – releases September 30th, Amazon has it listed with a $17.99 pre-order price.
101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians -these are the unanimated versions with Glenn Close playing Cruella de Ville. (She’s scary!) Recently re-released.
High School Musical 2 – the Dance Edition – releasing September 23rd, it’s the movie with the addition of an interactive dance along!
Several Goosebumps movies (remember the books? My sister read these all the time growing up!) are being promoted just in time for Halloween including: One Day at Horrorland, Monster Blood and Night at Terror Tower. Probably a little too scary for many of our kids but good for the tween and teen group.
Marvel Comics’ the Next Avengers, featuring Iron Man and a bunch of other familiar heroes has come out and is great for the boys who love superheroes! It’s $14.99 on Amazon.

And for the Mommies, I had to mention that Baby Mama came out last week. I went with Julie & Zareen to see this in the theater when it came out and it was hysterical. Moms can definitely appreciate the humor here.

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