miloandgabby.jpgTravel can be scary for little people. Having a fuzzy pal along for the ride can make all the difference in the world.
Milo and Gabby Cozy Companions are the perfect size and shape pillow/stuffed animal hybrid to take to Grandma’s on a car trip or really anywhere you travel.
The plush characters feature purselike handles to make toting simple. They unzip to facilitate cleaning and double as a perfect place to stash pj’s and a toothbrush for a sleepover.
My 8 and 11 year old daughters had a wicked fight over who got to have the Milo and Gabby dog pillow I brought home from a recent event. They both wanted to keep it! I can see an additional pillow purchase in my future now. This item would make a very thoughtful slumber party or travel gift for a kid. Purchase your own at BunnyChicBoutique.

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