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It’s taking MEGA will power on my part to keep me from giving this to my boys’ early this season. My guys are still allll about Minecraft so I know they will go nuts over this latest game release: Minecraft Story Mode.

How is this different from regular Minecraft?

It’s a single-player story mode. You are off on specific adventures in 5 parts. The disc includes part one and the others are downloadable as they become available on your game system. (For us it will be via Xbox live)

I’m actually thinking it’s not such a bad thing that I am holding off giving this to them because more of the episodes will be made available – right now just the first one is. Either way, it’s a great holiday gift for the Minecraft fan and gamer.

Oh and the price is nice for a game too: GetMinecraft Story Mode on Amazon for $29.99. Platforms available: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 & PS4.

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