Yesterday I brought you a review from my trip to New York last week and day with Time to Play, a holiday toy expo and showcase.

Imagine my happiness when I came across the Jazwares booth – full of Minecraft toys!  They had some great plush Minecraft characters like this Enderman and Creeper:


You can get the plush Minecraft toys from Jazwares on Amazon but you will also notice that they have a brand new Minecraft toy that released this month.  Here’s a picture from the Jazwares booth – you see the plush but also these cardboard toys:


The cardboard toys are the Minecraft Sets you see on that Amazon link I provided – what’s neat is that they have to be built, right up the alley of a Minecraft fan!

The sets are showing up as anywhere from $9.99 – $47.99 for me today but give it some time – I know the toy just released and I hope the prices will come down and average out.  Either way, these are fun and unique Minecraft toys for the Minecraft fan in your house!


  1. Lori Elizabethe says

    What kind of box did you use in the picture?
    Very cool 🙂

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