Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  Robitussin was a sponsor of my event Mom Mixer in Philadelphia earlier this month; as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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As I type this, I’m looking out my window at flurries coming down from the sky in Philly. FLURRIES, people! In early November! Bleh. I just not ready for the whole winter thing but it’s coming and we all know what winter brings – colds and the flu!!   We expect our kids to get sick and it’s always extra fun when we get sick – taking care of the kids when you’re sick is definitely no walk in the park.

So let’s talk about cold and flu remedies.

Robitussin was a sponsor at Mom Mixer earlier this month and they brought their Wheel of Coughequences which you can see me spinning here:


There’s just never a good time to get sick but you can at least mask some of your cold and flu symptoms so you can go about your day with Robitussin.  Robitussin is the #1 pharmacist recommend cough, cold and flu medicine in a liquid form. I totally always do liquid medicine when I have a cough and cold instead of  a tablet actually – there’s just something coating and soothing about that syrup on your throat.

  Not sure which Robitussin product is right for you based on your symptoms?  You can learn more about their products on Robitussin.com.

Other great features on their site: Their Cough and Cold Center offers great advice on understanding your cold and cough. And personally, I love the Coughcast, which  is like looking at one of those flu maps online.  Right now it’s pretty tame – Philadelphia is “low” for coughs right now – but you just know that in a few months  that map’s gonna be light up like a Christmas tree!

For more info, visit Robitussin.com.  And I hope you and your kind stay nice and healthy this cold & flu season!